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Hypnotise me to walk like a chicken.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Whenever I mention I'm a qualified Hypnotherapist, most people laugh or look open eyed and ask" Can you make me walk like a chicken in front of a busy shopping centre?" ( or suchlike). I tell them, "Yes I can, but I wont"

Hypnotherapy is no different than any other therapy that I practice. I'm bound by ethics and confidentiality and everything I do, I do it for the highest intention of wellness for my clients. No chicken walking will ever come from my hypnosis 😁

Hypnotherapy works by calming the conscious mind, the mind that chatters away every second of every day, processing, worrying, arguing, nagging to ourselves. Once this mind is still and in a trance like state ( where we are still aware, just relaxed and calm) the spoken word can get directly to the subconscious mind and give it new messages and instructions. The subconscious mind listens and through repetition and direction, will take on board new guidance and information.

This is where your Hypnotherapist comes in.

After a lengthy consultation in a session beforehand, any unwanted behaviours ( be it smoking, overeating, problem eating, nail biting, self sabotaging behaviour, self harm, addictions, stress, name it, a Hypnotherapust can help with it ) will be discussed via chatting and active listening and ascertained by meeting your needs and outcome of the proposed sessions.

Some people can change behaviours quicker than others, this is no indication of weakness but the longer a behaviour has been present, the more ingrained it will be so its possible more work will be needed. However, I have seen clients where issues are long term but have taken to Hypnotherapy immediately and have had amazing quick results.

The obvious question to all of this is, how much do you want to change this behaviour? You have to want this, to make it work, just like anything, the help you need must be asked for by yourself and I will be here to help and give you the tools to succeed.

Did you know that Hypnotherapy can be done remotely? If you do not live near me, you can still receive hypnotherapy. If you have a video call device, a good signal and a set of headphones, you can still be my client.

I can also make personal recordings for you to listen to over and over again if sessions are not your thing and you want to receive the therapy in your own time, while in bed or early morning.

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