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Updated: Nov 18, 2022

I want to talk a little about the things on offer from me and the space I hold for you.

I have so many people look at my website, many that enquire about prices and some that ask "What exactly is

[ insert therapy] ?

Therapists do things in their own way and this is my way and what you can expect when we work together. I Hope this helps put any unknown fears or queries to rest.


A consultation will be the first thing we do. I have a set questionnaire that we fill in together. This one is quite brief because with Reiki, the energy will go where it sees fit and it can do no harm if placed or moved in the "wrong" areas. Infact there are no wrong areas with Reiki energy and how it treats. A short medical history will be taken and any pressing issues that need helping will be discussed. Many people who come for Reiki, especially emotional issues, won't mention them until afterwards or even after a couple of sessions when they realise that Reiki has brought them clarity to the problem.

Once the consultation is complete and we have talked over any main concerns, you will lay on the therapy bed and get as comfortable as possible. You are fully clothed ( please wear comfortable, loose clothing) but best to remove any restrictions like shoes, jewellery and glasses.

I will stand and use my hands to guide the energy over your body, usually starting at your head. We will take some deep breaths and I will help you to relax. All you need to do is lay in a beautiful relaxed state for the time ( usually 50-60 minutes)

After which time I will let you know its over and give you a few minutes to gather your thoughts and return to normality.

We can then discuss anything we each felt, or didn't feel and this can open up a lot or you may need the time to process anything you felt in your own time.


Hypnotherapy begins with a questionnaire that is sent to you outlining the issues for our consultation. Sending the questionnaire back to me will help me build on things I need to ask you for your hypnotherapy session. During a consultation we chat about what it is you need help with and the more honest you are, the better I can detail your session for your hypnosis. The consultation is free (but I do ask that you pay half of the first session at this point) and after I have worked on what is needed for you, a hypno session will be arranged. This is £60 per session ( but £30 remaining on first session) and can be done face to face or online. Both are equally effective but it is down to personal preference ( unless you are too far away to travel to me).

During a session you will lay down comfortably and if it's online you will need a good network connection. Your own relaxing music can be played in the background if you'd like and making sure you won't be disturbed for an hour or so, we begin.

I relax you into a state of trance like sleep ( though you are awake), by meditation and then, once into hypnosis, I make suggestions to your sub conscious mind that will be accepted and taken on by you

so that when you return to normality, you will continue to take on those suggestions and a new way of being.

I do not make you do anything you don't want to and my suggestions are only for the good of your wellbeing. You are not out of control and are able to "wake" at any stage of hypnosis.

Some people have results after one session,though I always advice a follow up a fortnight later to "reinforce" the good that has been done, but more sessions may be needed if the issue/s presented are especially deep seated.


It's all about the feet!

Again, a brief consultation, free on your initial visit, will determine your medical history and anything that you feel will help you get the most from your treatment.

You will remove your footwear and relax on the chair or therapy bed. I begin by warming up your feet, massaging, checking for any visual signs and letting your feet get used to my hands. Then starting on one foot first I will work in a routine, applying pressure ( even for those with ticklish feet, this does not tickle) and work on the corresponding areas of the body which is mapped out on the feet. So for example, the big toe corresponds to the head, the base of the big toe corresponds to the neck.

As an experienced practitioner, I can feel for any imbalances in the body and by applying the appropriate pressure and time on the feet, the imbalance will see some changes. One session of Reflexology can work wonders but a few sessions can put so much wrong, right.

As reflexologists, we cannot diagnose a problem but we can certainly find what is off balance and either refer you to a doctor or work on the areas needed to help.

I'm currently working with a lady who comes to me for pain relief from a hip replacement. Fortnightly sessions help ease her aches and as a seasoned reflexology client, she knows that these sessions are massively beneficial to, not only the direct help of pain relief but to her overall wellbeing. I also work with a gentleman that has back problems and his monthly sessions help to keep his back from weakening and becoming problematic to his daily life.

You may only want or need one session but to get full benefit, a 6 week, once a week, course is advised as this gives time to align the imbalances and allow the toxic buildup to be fully eliminated.


These "candles" are made from rolled honey extract, bees wax, chamomile and St. John's wort. They don't drip like wax but they slowly burn down when lit at the end. The other end is gently, safely placed at the ear canal and held in place to prevent the smoke from leaking out. The smoke goes into the ear canal, releasing its herbal magic. You lay on your side as the candle burns down to a few inches above the ear. The sound of the crackling and sizzling can really enhance the experience for some. Once the candle is burnt and the end is safely disposed of, you are guided to gently clean the ear from any build up and ear wax that has surfaced. You then turn over and it is repeated on the other ear.

A deluxe treatment includes a mini facial that leaves the whole face and head relaxed, clean and fresh.

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