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A free consultation included with your first appointment which will determine the course of treatment for you. One may suit or a course of up to 6. This is the recommended limit in between courses due to the body needing to adjust to the toxic elimination that Reflexology produces. Once a week is recommended to obtain maximum healing.

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Reiki works on energy . A free consultation will determine what areas need healing. Reiki will heal on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The usual order is working from your head to your feet while your energy centres (chakras) align. Out of balance chakras are the root cause of dis-ease. By balancing these, the whole being begins to work in sync and come back to a state of optimum health.

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Massage can be offered without essential oils which has amazing benefits to the mind and body. Massaging, with the amount of pressure required, allows tightness and stress areas to loosen and relax. Using essential oils that are suitable for your needs give added benefits to a condition and work deep into the skin to work on a cellular level. Deeply relaxing on body and mind.

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Beach Meditation


A bundle allows you to mix and match. An example would be a 6 week course of guided meditations, treatments, nutritional and fitness analysis and online support where needed. Cost to be discussed. 

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Hypnotherapy works by speaking to your subconscious mind in order to break cycles and unwanted behaviours. A consultation will help us look deeper into the root of these behaviours and change them from there. Repetition helps to cement new behaviours in order to live the life you deserve. 

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Indian head massage uses oils to massage deep along the meridians on your head, neck and shoulders. Relieving tension, headaches, stress and aches and pains. A beautiful deep relaxing massage that also conditions the scalp and hair.

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A candle made from herbs is gently placed in the ear safely held and lit at the other end. This enables the herb mixture to smoke their way to the ear canal removing wax build up and easing many ailments of the head. Included is a mini facial that leaves your head, mind and body at complete ease.

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